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How much water should be applied for newly planted or relocated plants?

The best way to water is slowly and thoroughly at the base of the plant until the soil is drenched.

Is it possible to overwater?

Yes. Do not water every day. Roots need time to dry out and take in oxygen in order to survive. Watering too frequently will drown the plants unless they are very small perennials or annuals.

Specific care

1. Sod: saturate every day during the first week and every other day for the following week or more frequently in hot, windy weather. Twice weekly for weeks 3-4.

2. Perennials, groundcovers, and small plantings: 3-4 times per week for the first four weeks and two times per week thereafter.

3. Shrubs: water twice per week for the first four weeks and once per week thereafter.

4. Trees: water once per week applying water slowly over root area for 10 minutes.

Remember, plants in full sun require more frequent watering than plants in shade.

Established plants need additional watering during times of drought.